Mother Care Baby Bubble Bath 300ml

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Babies are so sensitive, both emotionally and physically, they have a very low tolerance level and you need to be very attentive to all their expressions and needs. For all mothers who are worried about hurting the delicate skin of their babies, here comes a bath implement that promises to take tender care of your baby’s skin. The Mothercare All We Know Baby Bubble Bath is a special formulation that can help you cleanse your baby’s skin without damaging their soft and supple skin structure. This bubble bath can be used for boys and girls as the composition is safe on all skin types. You can even use this bubble bath to bathe your baby right from birth because of the completely safe formulation of ingredients. The soothing composition of olive oil and chamomile will keep your baby’s skin feeling soft and supple all the time. Ensure you do not harm the natural balance of your skin by using this bubble bath as it is hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested to be absolutely safe and gentle on a baby’s skin. Olive oil ensures to keep your baby’s skin nourished through the hottest days and coldest winters so you can stay carefree about protecting your precious one’s skin. Moisturization is taken care of perfectly so you can touch your baby’s skin and always smile. Composed ofnatural and organic ingredients, this bubble bath has been approved by midwives to be safe and good for babies, so they always have skin that is envied by all. Your biggest concern could be of hurting your child’s eyes as babies do not know that they should close their eyes during bath time. Do not worry because this bubble bath has beenformulated to be gentle and does not result in tears but only creates a more bubbly bath time for your child.

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Mother Care Baby Bubble Bath 300ml Smartmom Bangladesh

Mother Care Baby Bubble Bath 300ml

৳ 800