Linco Silicone Spoon Weaning Bottle

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Origin : Taiwan

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Product details of Linco Silicone Spoon Weaning Bottle for baby

Material: Silica gel / PP

Volume: 90ml

Applicable age range: 4 months or more

100% Brand New and High Quality.

Designed for Mom to feed young baby. Weaning Bottle with Spoon- the first product for the baby to accustom with new feeding tool. It not only enables baby to experience the feeling of growing up, but also to slowly accustom with the change of the way of feeding, and to absorb nutrition other than milk. Screw the cap with which a spoon is attached after filling the juice or soup into the bottle. Press the bottle lightly for the liquid to come out. and save your time for feeding as comparing to the ordinary way of feeding. The soft silicone spoon not only gives the tongue a comfortable touch but also will not harm the growing teeth and the gum. And will not burn the tongue even when feeding with hot foods. In addition, as the silicone spoon is designed with the safety consideration, it may avoid children from getting hurt, and reduce the probability of injury to the minimum or even none.


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Linco Silicone Spoon Weaning Bottle Smartmom Bangladesh

Linco Silicone Spoon Weaning Bottle

৳ 360

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