Farlin Heat Resistant Glass Feeder 4 Oz (TOP-808G)

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Origin : Taiwan

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Babies are generally sensitive and are extremely delicate. That is why their health must be handled with extreme caution and care, this includes their meal and the way they consume. Breastfeeding is good but alone, does not suffice. Bottle feeding is important and finding the right bottle is essential. This is the part where most parents find it difficult. That’s because different bottles, and different teats, suit different babies. FARLIN products are as unique as the little people for whom the products are made. FARLIN products are of high quality and the Farlin Heat Resistant Glass Feeder is no different.

Super heat-resistant design

That is why Farlin has developed a range of baby bottles modeled after a mother’s nipples for the baby’s easy adaptability from the breast to the bottle that is BPA-free. All Farlin’s glass products are guaranteed to be made of heat-resistant glass to prevent over-heating which can harm your babies. The Farlin Heat Resistant Glass Feeder has a bumpy surface on the teats and the bumps are designed to reduce the fur on the tongue during feeding. This stretchy nipple has a feed hole that is pointed upwards so that the milk mixes with saliva to ensure proper digestion for the baby. The teat has a flat slender neck to encourage the milking process which helps the baby’s jaw and palate to develop.

Farlin Air System Valve

The Farlin Air System vent helps balances the pressure in the teat, reducing the risk of baby colic that can occur when a baby swallows air. On Farlin latex teats the vent is an oblique slit across the dimple. It is important that the vent is under the baby’s nose whilst feeding.

Easy Feeding and Easy Sterilizing

The flat underside assures the correct positioning of the tongue encouraging milking action. This helps widen the jaw allowing correct spacing for tooth development. Meaning to say that this particular is orthodontic approved. For easy feeding, its surface is angled in a way to enable the baby to easily suck the milk with the lower jaw. Lastly, you can easily sterilize the bottle with steam or cold water. If this bottle is what you’re looking for, here’s your chance to get it now!

BPA Free

If you are a parent of a young child or are expecting a baby, then you need to know about the dangers of “everywhere chemicals.”Bisphenol-A (commonly known as BPA) and phthalates, which are called “everywhere chemicals” because they are so common, are used in making countless plastic products that we see and use every day. This includes children’s items such as baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, and teethers. BPA can leech from plastic containers into foods and beverages and may leech from the product to the child. It is said to have some kind of developmental effects but with this Farlin Heat Resistant Glass Feeder, worry not!

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Farlin Heat Resistant Glass Feeder 4 Oz (TOP-808G) Smartmom Bangladesh

Farlin Heat Resistant Glass Feeder 4 Oz (TOP-808G)

৳ 486